We invite you to join us in beautiful Prague on May 23 through May 25 for our first annual Restconn community event. This event will be an action packed three days of presentations, a solutions showcase and the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.  

Members of the Telestax Restcomm core engineering team will present talks that are specific to their area of technical expertise. Selected developers from other organizations like Google, Unifonic and NTT will present the details about their Restcomm implementations. Attendees will leave with new insights into the Restcomm platform and examples of added value applications that have been developed and deployed.  

We also plan to make an announcement about an exciting new offering we are currently working on. We will not only tell you about our offering, we will show the early successes experienced by our partners and customers who are currently participating in our pre-launch program.

We, at Telestax, hope to see you there.